Pre- 2016 Superball Promo Shoot by Erwin Olaf selfie

Both outfits created by Jeroen bloemers

Wig Styling: Jeroen Bloemers

Left Mua: Ceyoncé Knows

Right Mua: Jeroen Bloemers

Custom Made Skirt Suit

Dynasty Themed Wedding Anniversary 

Pink Alexis inspired "Skirt Suit" made by Jeroen Bloemers


Photography by Sophie van Veen

Collars by Jeroen Bloemers

Muah by Cyriel Jacobs

Model: Annemare

Couch Cover For MisterB Darklands 2014

This couch cover I've made of old MisterB banners. And so it became a Promotional object.

Couch cover by Jeroen Bloemers

Circle by Peter Popps 2013

CiRCLE by Peter Popps 

OVAL necklace by Peter Popps in collaboration with Jos Kwakkel

Dress and styling by Jeroen Bloemers

Photography by Armando Branco

Model, Sippora Jack

Hair by Jeroen Schults

Dress for Jennifer Hopelezz, Valtifest 2012

Dress by Jeroen Bloemers

Buck Models Table dress, 2012

Tabel Dress by Jeroen Bloemers

for Buck Models

Robots Customized for Vogue Gioiello December 2012

Animal Sculptures for Vogue Gioiello September 2012

Flower Head Pieces, Concept for Blend Magazine,2009

Flower Head Pieces by Jeroen Bloemers